Do you want a higher credit score? You probably need negative credit entries removed from your credit reports. If you are looking for a credit repair company that will give you fast, professional service, You are at the correct web site. We use a proprietary process unlike anything on the market. We are the solution. Clean up your credit report and raise your credit score or You Pay Nothing!

                                    I would like to take a minute to thank you for all that you have done. You are doing a wonderful job with both of our reports. My husband's CREDIT SCORE went from 540 to 757 in just two short months! I have recommended you to so many people I'm sure you will be getting an influx of business soon. Even my mortgage broker asked for your information because he said he had several customers who could benefit from your services. He was willing to endorse your company based on the wonderful results you have obtained for us". Thank You, The Carson's

Our MissionWe believe that the "little" people, like most of us need an effective tool for fighting the credit reporting industry. Why should they be allowed to hold you back for up to 10 years because you had some misfortune? Credit Genie legally uses the system to negate those "bruises" on your credit reports and create the winds for smooth sailing into your future. Allow Credit Genie to be your tool.

Mississippi BBB Rating is reduced because the BBB does not like credit repair companies that have operated improperly in the past. We do not like or condone their behavior either. The Mississippi BBB will not allow Credit Genie to join their organization even though Credit Genie previously belonged to the Alabama BBB and the BBB online plus Credit Genie has never received a complaint from the BBB.